Importance and Benefits of Pre employment Medicals

When it comes to pre employment health check up, there are actually no stringent criteria followed internationally. Like for example, for hypertension, a common health issue, The Federal Aviation Association in US demands for 15mmHG for flying whereas within the same boundaries, the Department of Transportation seeks for only 140mmHg for operating a vehicle. These differences are similar everywhere even in Australia. Pre-employment medicals are essential in most of the companies nowadays, however the parameters of health checks tend to differ.

Why is Pre employment health check up essential in some professions

·        While recruiting student nurses or care takers some employers make it essential to check if the employees are at a risk of catching infectious diseases and whether they are proficient in tackling manual labour under particular conditions without health issues.

·        Every medical centre offers complete medical check ups for expatriates and volunteers on overseas journey or work to give details as regards the health conditions of employees to the medical insurance companies prior to a journey.

·        Minors, diggers, labourers are often checked for medicals so as to confirm if they have health conditions to manage work in remote areas, underground conditions, etc.

Why Pre-employment medicals are Important

While recruiting a new employee it is essential for the employer to ensure whether the employee is capable of taking up all challenges in the work front under healthy conditions. Since health is a major factor behind wok efficiency, work power and stamina, it is not only important for the employer but also for the employee to ascertain if his/her health condition permits them to undertake particular work challenges. This is the reason why every family clinic nowadays extends exclusive corporate pre employment health check up services and packages.


Jobs pertaining to driving, flying, mines, digging, and security require special health conditions. An employee needs to confirm eligible health conditions to ensure the employer that there will be no sudden incapacitation of work in the middle of the job. Also, since these jobs are health sensitive, people with asthma, major eye problems, and cardiac issues are not advised to take up such jobs. This is why pre employment medicals offer complete physical check up of employees to ensure their medical condition.


Pre employment health check is a great way to keep a record of the employees’ health and medical conditions at the initial point. This helps the employer as well as the employee to compare health conditions in the future. Besides it can also help to restrain an employee from taking up risky jobs, which could aggravate his contagious disease over the brim. Special medical clinics, such as a Toowong medical centre, offer comprehensive corporate health check up services.

Cost of medical checkups and treatments is increasing overall. This has caused to be a major issue of concern for employers offering complete medical benefits and coverage to employees. Therefore, these employers are taking special measures so as not to employ workers with existing sensitive or concerning medical conditions. Thus, Pre-employment medicals are increasingly becoming popular among employers around the world to control their future medical expenses for employees. Check out