Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Dementia Patients

Humans have always been resilient—and one of the manifestations of their resilience is their endless pursuit in finding solutions when one doesn’t work. Dementia patients can be a handful, but one shouldn’t worry if they respond to traditional medication negatively. If your loved is currently admitted to an aged care malvern has, you can suggest complementary and alternative therapy (CAT) if traditional medication and treatment isn’t working out for them.

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Complementary and alternative therapy – CAT is used together with or in lieu of conventional treatment; it consists of different types of treatments that do not use any regular medical approach. CAT has been around for a long time and it’s not a secret that many medical practitioners often recommend CAT when Dementia patients do not respond positively to the sole use of traditional treatments and medication.

An extensive research about CAT for Dementia is ongoing these days. One of the affirming findings is the ability of CAT to effectively relieve few of the symptoms of a Dementia patient without the side effects. Antipsychotic drugs may help but these come with a few complications, such as infection, blood clots, Parkinsonism, and even stroke.

To relieve a few symptoms with such a possibly contradicting drug defeats the main purpose of treatment; that’s why you can’t be wrong or stupid to consider trying to relieve a Dementia symptom with the following types of treatments:

Reality Orientation

If your loved one is about to reside in an aged care Malvern has these days, for example, it’s highly recommended to take things slow in admission. Reality Orientation (RO) helps the patient get familiar with their new situation, environment, and friends. Before admission, you may take short trips to a nursing home Malvern has to introduce them slowly to the place. After the admission, you can even join the first few orientation sessions and participate in introducing them to team members.

If your loved one has passed eligibility assessment and they will receive subsidies, make sure they get Dementia care Malvern aged agencies offer. One of the aged care Malvern agencies that offer Dementia care is Arcare. Developing familiarity will help them settle easier.

Reminiscent Therapy

Reminiscent Therapy (RT) uses sessions which emulate “show-and-tell”. In these sessions, patients are given materials that show their past accomplishments and fun experiences when they were active. They can also play puzzles that help them practice the skills that may have been suppressed. RT’s aim is to help the patient gain back their self-confidence and inspire them to continue getting treatment.

Validation Therapy

Validation Therapy is one treatment you could suggest to your loved one’s GP or nurse if they are still having a hard time in accepting their condition. VT can be done in many ways, such as being around people who have similar conditions. Assigned carers could make group activities where they can share and express their thoughts, which in turn makes their own valid and acknowledged.

The search for the most effective managing methods for the symptoms of Dementia is still on its course. Among of the most recognised findings so far is the positive and life-changing effect of complementary and alternative treatment for patients. If you or a loved one need respite care Malvern has, you may discuss these types of treatment to your assigned carer. See more at