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No. 21-1 Chu Yuan Lane, Pei-Tun,
40661, Taichung,
Telephone: 886-4-2239-7532
Fax: 886-4-2239-7520
The American School in Taichung (AST) is an international school in Taichung City, Taiwan teaches Pre-K to Grade 12. The school, founded in 1990, was previously known as Lincoln American School. It is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and hosts the annual Taiwan Model United Nations (TAIMUN) conference from schools all across Taiwan and countries abroad. The required courses in American School in Taichung are English, Math, Science, History, Physical Education and Foreign Language. AST also have drama, art, and music program (piano, choir ensemble and handbells), which have many performances and shows throughtout the year. Currently, AST offers Advanced Placement courses in Math (Calculus) and Science (Biology). American School in Taichung offers many sports for both middle school and high school which include: volleyball (girls only), soccer (for HS boys, but girls can play), softball, basketball, track & field (middle school only), and cross country.

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written by AST Student , August 22, 2010
My brother and I have been attending AST for over seven years, and we are very happy there. I am extremely blessed to be one of the few high school students in the world who actually enjoys going to school. Bullying is virtually non-existent at AST, something that is very important for me as my brother can be socially awkward at times and would be a prime target at any other school. Furthermore, AST offers a quality education that prepares students to deal with all aspects of a challenging top tier American college or university. Not only do we offer the Advance Placement classes listed in the post above, we also have an AP Chemistry course, and sometimes an AP Spanish course depending on student interest. AST is incredibly sensitive to the different strengths of individuals and almost any AP class you can think of can be available to any student through independent study, if the course is not offered by the school. I personally know students who have taken two different AP calculus, AP macroeconomics, and AP US History courses. Considering the small student body, AST has an ample amount of Advance Placement courses, and is always there to help students individually. This brings me to another point; AST's small class sizes allow students to have close personal relationships with their peers and teachers. Almost all teachers are willing to take time from their lunch break to help students review or to explain confusing aspects of earlier lessons. The teachers are prone to challenge students, and although students are often complaining about the ample workload and difficulty of the assignments, they are fully aware that the teachers are really just preparing us for the kind of academic workload we will encounter in University. Almost all students who graduate from AST go on to prestigious universities such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, NYU, Chicago University, or Stony Brook University. Considering the graduating class is somewhere between 10-20 students, I believe this is quite impressive. AST encourages students to push themselves and discover what they are truly capable of achieving when it comes to applying and searching for colleges. Despite the great college preparation offered at AST, the greatest thing about AST in my opinion is probably the Model United Nations program. Students at AST can attend an international MUN conference in Singapore for over 1,000 intelligent, hard-working students from around the world. Student prepare rigorously for the conference in order to represent their delegations as accurately as possible. Personally, I have attended the conference as the delegate of the UK in the Security Council, and as a member of the press team. AST even has its own Model United Nations Conference for international school in Taiwan. This is always a great opportunity for all students to learn more about international relations and what we, as future citizens of the world, can do to make the world a better place. With AST's high emphasis on ethics and integrity as well as taking responsibility for your own education, I believe my family was incredibly fortunate to find out about AST. Although tuition is high, I believe the education is well worth the price for any serious, intellectual student. Not many people know about the amazing educational opportunities AST has to offer and tend to drift toward the more well-known schools such as Taipei American School or Morrison Christian Academy. However, at AST students are provided a rich learning environment where we not only learn how to compete in the world of academia, but where we learn how to be global citizens and change our world for the better. Although I fancy the small class sizes, I dream that one day AST will be able to expand to its full potential, and receive the kind of praise and admiration that it truly deserves. When the time finally come for me to leave AST, I will miss my classmates and teachers dearly, but take with me the knowledge and confidence that I have been prepared for anything the world could possibly throw at me.
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written by Tim Gray , November 03, 2011
My two children were recently expelled of from an "American" school in Taichung, Taiwan. None of this has anything to do with their academic performance or behavior. Rather, the director of American School in Taichung, Andrew Corcoran, falsely sites my behavior as the reason for depriving my children of an education, and refusing to return our paid tuition.

I have since been informed that some teachers have been accepting lavish gifts by wealthy parents under Mr. Corcoran's administration. In public school here, this is strictly forbidden for obvious reasons. After this was brought to Mr. Corcoran's attention, he did nothing and continued to ignore the practice.

My wife and I have also learned that "foreigner" schools here in Taiwan answer to no educational governing boards that otherwise exist to regulate and protect a public education system. In other words, AST continues operate in a vacuum with practical impunity. They only answer to themselves.
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