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No. 60 East Sarv Avenue, Sa'adad-Abad Boulevard,
Telephone: 98-21-2236-6975-7
Fax: 98-21-2208-0242
Tehran International School is a multicultural school located in the north of Tehran, in Sa`adat-Abad. The school was founded in 1985 and has approximately more than 250 students, which come from all over the world and is the only school with the most nationalities present in Iran. TIS a half-private school as it is strongly supported by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The academic school year begins at the end of September and ends in the middle of June. Holidays in between are also observed including Christmas/Winder holidays from late December to early January, Noruz (Iranian new year) from March 19 to April 2 and Summer holidays from June 14 to September 23. Instructions are in English. The vision for the International School of Tehran is to benefit from the diversity of its community in creating well-educated, internationally minded citizens. The goals nd organization of the classes have been designed in regard to international standard. All schoolbooks (except for the languages) are written in English and come from Great Britain and the USA. The transition from T.I.S. to another school inside or outside of Iran normally doesn't cause any difficulties or problems. From Grade 6 on, students must choose a 2nd language which will be taught continuously. This 2nd language can be either German or French. If a student enters T.I.S. at a later point in time, he can take a language of his choice and will be put into LL or HL (Low level or High Level), it depends on how well the knowledge of the language is. Mostly, students are taught individually, as their knowledge of the respective language might vary. Farsi (Persian) is taught from Grade 1 on. Again, a student will be put into LL or HL depending on his knowledge of the Persian language. English Reading and Writing is taught in Elementary School (Grades 1 - 5) and turns into G.E. (General English - English Grammar and higher vocabulary) which is taught in Middle and High School. After completing 10th Grade in T.I.S., students can choose whether to continue T.I.S. classes or whether to enter I.B. (the International Baccalaureate Program). If a student chooses to continue T.I.S. classes ,he will receive a T.I.S. High School Diploma at the end of his school career. Normally, the T.I.S. Diploma is recognized by most universities outside Iran. Universities such as Oxford of England and Sorbonne of France are amongst institutes of higher education which have regularly granted admission to T.I.S. graduates .Students who plan to remain in Iran can apply to and enter a local university . There are also some universities in Tehran that instruct their students in English. If a student chooses to enter I.B., he will receive the I.B. diploma after completing his school career. T.I.S. has a 7 storey building accommodating Elementary, Middle and High School. It has a cafeteria, a big yard, 1 basketball court and 2 football/soccer fields.

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written by Mohamed ismail nuur , February 01, 2011

iam citizen of somalia i live in malaysia iam old man i have 5 children kindlly i want see these schools in iran for a reason its my children need to study their so i want to visit in iran so i need visa


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written by Bita , August 23, 2011
Dear Sir/Madam
I am citizen of Australia.I have 13 years old younger sister(she lives in Tehran) I want to bring her to sydney for high school but before i do that i want her to study in english in our country and then comes to sydney to finish high school.Would you please give me some information about your school and is that possible to enroll her there becouse she does not know english?
Thanks for your time smilies/cheesy.gif
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