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10 Lok Wo Sha Lane, Sai Sha Road,
Shatin, New Territories,
Hong Kong
Telephone: 852-2640-0441
Fax: 852-2643-4088
Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong was established in 1992 and is one of the United World Colleges. The published exit statement for the College states that "Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong brings together students from all parts of the world to study, live and grow together. Following the educational philosophy of founder Kurt Hahn and the UWC movement, students are encouraged to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones in every area of their formation, and to go forth into the world as responsible and compassionate young men and women, committed to putting into practice the ideals of peace, internationalism, justice and excellence in all The school admits students both from over 80 countries and from many local Hong Kong schools. The student body is made up of roughly 40% Hong Kong citizens and 60% overseas students. While overseas students are selected by the national committees of their home countries, Hong Kong students (or "local students") are chosen by a selection committee appointed by the Home Affairs Bureau. Students at the College undertake a 2-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The classes offered in each Group are as follows (in alphabetical order): Group 1 Chinese A1 (HL, SL) English A1 (HL, SL) Spanish A1 (HL, SL) Self Taught A1 Language (Any other language) (SL only) Group 2 Chinese A2 Chinese B Chinese ab initio (SL only) English A2 English B French B French ab initio (SL only) Spanish B (if numbers permit) Spanish ab initio (SL only) Group 3 Chinese Studies (SL only) Economics (HL, SL) Geography (HL, SL) History (HL only) Group 4 Biology (HL, SL) Chemistry (HL, SL) Environmental Systems (SL only) Physics (HL, SL) Group 5 Mathematics (HL, SL) Mathematical Studies (SL only) Group 6 Theater Arts (HL, SL) Visual Arts (HL, SL) Theory of Knowledge A requirement for the IB diploma, each student attends a TOK class for one year about half as often as any other class, is required to make a formal TOK presentation and in the 2nd year write a paper on one of the topics/questions given by the IBO. As of recent years, the average IB score achieved by LPC students had been around 38 points and is one of the highest scores worldwide.

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